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Sequencing Projects
Analysis Projects
  • Genome Analysis (Isolate) 246,949
  • Metagenome Analysis 109,633
  • Metagenome-Assembled Genome 23,124
  • Metagenome - Cell Enrichment 2,967
  • Metagenome - Co-Culture 43
  • Metagenome - Low Complexity 46
  • Metagenome - Single Particle Sort 7,776
  • Metatranscriptome Analysis 17,343
  • Combined Assembly 795
  • Combined Assembly SIP Metagenome 6
  • Single Cell Analysis (screened) 2,500
  • Single Cell Analysis (unscreened) 9,427
  • Transcriptome Analysis 872
Special Projects
  • Type Strains with WGS Projects 12,698
  • Type Strains with WGS Projects in GOLD from GenBank 11,922
  • GEBA Projects 6,457
  • HMP Projects 3,413
Projects w. GenBank Data
JGI Projects
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Supratim Mukherjee, Dimitri Stamatis, Cindy Tianqing Li, Galina Ovchinnikova, Jon Bertsch, Jagadish Chandrabose Sundaramurthi, Mahathi Kandimalla, Paul A. Nicolopoulos, Alessandro Favognano, I-Min A. Chen , Nikos C. Kyrpides and T.B.K. Reddy. Twenty-five years of Genomes OnLine Database (GOLD): data updates and new features in v.9. Nucl. Acids Res. (2022) doi: doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkac974
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