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GOLD Terminology

Analysis Project Analysis Project is the informatics processing of a Sequencing Project. It describes how the assembly and annotation of a Sequencing Project were performed. Individual submissions in IMG represent individual Analysis Projects.
BinningBinning is the process of grouping reads or contigs and assigning them to operational taxonomic units
BiomeGOLD biome represents the environmental sample selected for sequencing
BiosampleBiosample is the original isolation place of the physical sample, from where the DNA was isolated. It is usually the description of the environment from where the sample was taken. In the case of isolate genomes where the sample isolation environment is not known, the name of the organism may be the Biosample name. Biosample is nothing more than metadata on the sequencing project. However, due to the fact that all DNA samples are coming from a Biosample and because under one Biosample, several different DNA samples may be extracted, it is forming a level above Seq Project.
ContigA contig is a set of overlapping DNA segments that together represent a consensus region of DNA.
GOLD ClassificationGOLD's classification is a Habitat based classification of Biosamples organized in a five-tiered scheme as described in:
OrganismAn individual living thing. It can be plant, fungus, microbe etc.
ScaffoldScaffolds consist of overlapping contigs separated by gaps.
Sequencing ProjectSequencing Project is the individual organism or sample that is targeted for sequencing. An individual genome project may be composed of more than one sequencing reactions and/or sequencing technologies. A sequencing project may be an isolate genome, or a Metagenome sample, or a transcriptome, or a metatranscriptome, or a 16S survey, etc. From a single Biosample, multiple different sequencing projects may be performed. For JGI projects, one sequencing project must always be correlated with a single SPID.
StudyStudy is an umbrella Project and represents the list of sequencing projects that are part of the original research proposal. Proposal is a synonym to Study. E.g., HMP study, GEBA study.
SpecimenGOLD specimen refers to the sequencing material source either an Organism or Biome

GOLD Sequencing Projects

  • Q: What do I submit in GOLD?
    A: - You are submitting only the information related to the Sequencing Project and any available metadata related to that
  • Q: Do I submit any sequences in GOLD?
    A: - No, GOLD does not contain any sequence data, it contains only the information about the project
  • Q: What do I gain by submitting my project to GOLD?
    A: - GOLD is currently the largest repository for genome project information world-wide. The accurate and efficient genome project tracking is a vital criterion for launching new genome sequencing projects, and for avoiding significant overlap between various sequencing efforts and centers.