SRA Explorer

SRA explorer allows you to filter SRA data based on different criteria under GOLD, Text,
Scientific Name, Library Source, Sequencing Instrument and Sequencing Strategy categories.
Besides exploring SRA data you can also filter for projects already imported into GOLD or
not yet imported into GOLD.
For example, using this SRA explorer, you may search for Soil metagenomes from SRA that are
already in GOLD, were generated on Illumina platform with “Metagenomic” Library Source and “WGS”
library Strategy. To perform the above search, you would select filters as shown below:
Project GOLD ID → true
Scientific Name → soil metagenome
Library Source → METAGENOMIC
Instrument → Select all Illumina Instrument options
Sequencing Strategy → WGS

Choose Filters (Click on + to expand and select fields of interest for filtering)
+ GOLD (Filter for projects in/not in GOLD)
Include GOLD projects
+ Text Search
SRA Experiment Id: 
Experiment Title: 
Library Name: 
Library Selection: 
Library Layout: 
Sample Title: 
Study Title: 
Project GOLD ID: 
+ Scientific Name (Organism/Metagenome Scientific Name) 
Organism/Metagenome Scientific Name
(Ex: Mus musculus, termite metagenome)
Organism Scientific Name
 Homo sapiens
 Escherichia coli
 Legionella pneumophila
Metagenome Scientific Name
 Aquatic Metagenome
 Bioreactor Metagenome
 Gut Metagenome
 Hot Springs Metagenome
 Human Metagenome
 Lake Water Metagenome
 Marine Metagenome
 Oil Field Metagenome
 Peat Metagenome
 Rhizosphere Metagenome
 Soil Metagenome
 Solid Waste Metagenome
 Viral Metagenome
 Wastewater Metagenome
 Wetland Metagenome
+ Library Source Options 
+ Sequencing Instrument Options 
Select all 454 Instrument options
Select all Illumina Instrument options
 454 GS  454 GS 20
 454 GS FLX  454 GS FLX
 454 GS FLX Titanium  454 GS FLX+
+ Library (Sequencing) Strategy Options 



Search against SRA data is running. It may take a minute or more to complete the search.