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Gs0161793 Marine microbial communities from surface seawater during spring phytoplankton bloom in Hegoland, North Sea 2023-05-24
Gs0161792 Anaerobic digester sludge microbial communities from wastewater tretment plant in Fredericia, Denmark 2023-05-24
Gs0161791 Marine microbial communities from a mixed epipelagic water column off the Coast of Alicante, Spain 2023-05-24
Gs0161790 Marine microbial communities from deep chlorophyll maximum layer in Fram Strait, Arctic Ocean 2023-05-24
Gs0161789 Chicken gut microbial communities from Shenzhen, China 2023-05-24
Gs0161788 Industrial photobioreactor enrichment microbial communities from Vancouver, Canada 2023-05-24
Gs0161787 Lichen associated microbial communities from California, USA 2023-05-24
Gs0161786 Human fecal microbial communities from subject with and without live biotherapeutic treatment in Orange County, California, USA 2023-05-24
Gs0161785 Freshwater sediment microbial communities from hot spring in Shizuoka, Japan 2023-05-24
Gs0161784 Forest soil microbial communities from Gambita, Colombia 2023-05-24
Gs0161783 Human fecal microbial communities pooled from subject on omnivore and vegan diet pooled from the BioCollective, Denver, USA 2023-05-24
Gs0161782 Human fecal microbial communities from a healthy donor in Paris, France 2023-05-24
Gs0161781 Human fecal microbial communities from a healthy omnivore volunteer in Seoul, Korea 2023-05-24
Gs0161780 Washed-rind cheese associated microbial communities from Vermont, USA 2023-05-24
Gs0161779 Human fecal microbial communities from Beijing, China 2023-05-24
Gs0161775 Proteus mirabilis Roy1 2023-05-22
Gs0161770 Elizabethkingia anophelis MSU001 2023-05-17
Gs0161767 Deinococcus multiflagellatus KACC 19287 whole genome sequencing 2023-05-16
Gs0161765 Deinococcus betulae HMF7604 whole genome sequencing 2023-05-15
Gs0161763 Genome sequening of Amylibacter sp. IMCC11727 2023-05-15
Gs0161762 Genome sequencing of alphaproteobacterial strains 2023-05-15
Gs0161760 Priestia aryabhattai strain:G5.MM8 2023-05-13
Gs0161759 Klebsiella pneumoniae strain:XHKPN083 2023-05-13
Gs0161744 Campylobacter jejuni strains associated with different diarrheal outcomes 2023-05-04
Gs0161718 Isolation of endophytic fungi for biocontrol of disease causing plant pathogens 2023-04-09
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