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Gs0154522 Sequencing of apomictic relatives of switchgrass for apomixis gene discovery and comparative genomics 2021-11-12
Gs0154513 Wildfire-Impacted soil microbial communities from Wyoming, USA 2021-11-05
Gs0154511 Thermal water microbial communities from acid lake in the Chichonal volcano crater, Chiapas, Mexico 2021-11-05
Gs0154509 Pseudomonas sp. S5(2021) Genome sequencing 2021-11-03
Gs0154504 Pangenomic comparison of structural variation driving recurrent network evolution in Brassicaceae metabolism 2021-10-29
Gs0154503 Establishing the methylation pattern in samples of Bacillus subtilis spores 2021-10-29
Gs0154497 Functional exploration of novel glycoside hydrolases in Fervidibacter sacchari 2021-10-22
Gs0154496 Genomic Resources for Mimulus, a Powerful Plant System for Analyses of Environmental Adaptations 2021-10-22
Gs0154495 Enabling reverse genetics in the oil seed crop Camelina sativa through mutant population sequencing. 2021-10-22
Gs0154489 Acanthopleuribacter pedis KCTC 12899 Genome sequencing 2021-10-18
Gs0154485 Systems biology of yeast branched-chain alcohol production and tolerance 2021-10-15
Gs0154484 Evaluating the role of fungal endosymbionts in fungal mating and evolution 2021-10-15
Gs0154482 Soil microbial communities from agricultural fields across the midwestern and eastern USA 2021-10-15
Gs0154481 Sorted cell/s from hydrothermal vent fluid, Lost City Hydrothermal field, North Atlantic Ocean 2021-10-15
Gs0154480 Adjacent soil, biofilm, and endolithic microbial communities from hotspring runoff channel in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA 2021-10-15
Gs0154477 Acanthopleuribacteraceae bacterium M133 Genome sequencing 2021-10-13
Gs0154472 Micromonospora sp. MMS20-R1-14 Genome Analysis 2021-10-12
Gs0154462 Virus in common bean identificated by SRDS 2021-10-05
Gs0154461 Homarus gammarus nudivirus Genome sequencing and assembly 2021-10-05
Gs0154460 Salmonella phage vB_Se_STGO-35-1 isolate:vB_Se_STGO-35-1 Genome sequencing and assembly 2021-10-05
Gs0154459 E. faecium bacteriophages and bacteriophage resistant E. faecium strains 2021-10-05
Gs0154458 Study of Gordonia phage Azula 2021-10-05
Gs0154457 Streptomyces phage VSh-2020a Genome sequencing and assembly 2021-10-05
Gs0154456 A reference genome for the Gulf pipefish, Syngnathus scovelli and associated virus 2021-10-05
Gs0154455 Staphylococcus aureus Phage SA75 Genome sequencing and assembly 2021-10-05
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