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Gs0142522 Serratia sp.SRS-8-S-2018 2019-07-10
Gs0142512 Generating finished, improved draft sequences of Fungal genomes 2019-07-05
Gs0142511 Validation of the transfer of sugar catabolism model from Aspergillus niger to other fungi using an orthology-based approach 2019-07-05
Gs0142510 Genome sequencing of Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria from various extreme environments 2019-07-05
Gs0142466 Fusobacterium necrophorum Isolated From the Uterus of Dairy Cows 2019-06-17
Gs0142465 Sandaracinomonas limnophila FSY-15 Genome sequencing 2019-06-17
Gs0142463 Red algae associated microbial communities from Porphyra blades in Schoodic Point, Maine, United States 2019-06-16
Gs0142462 Developing genomic resources for Schoenoplectus americanus 2019-06-14
Gs0142458 Genomic analysis of biomass-degrading and plant-beneficial Trichoderma 2019-06-14
Gs0142453 Ureibacillus thermophilus LM102 2019-06-13
Gs0142451 Whole genome sequencing of Haloprofundus sp. MHR1 2019-06-12
Gs0142425 Marine algae associated microbial communities from Bryopsis sp. collected from various locations 2019-06-09
Gs0142423 Sediment microbial communities from various lakes in Switzerland 2019-06-08
Gs0142403 Sphingobacterium psychroaquaticum SJ-25 2019-06-02
Gs0142396 Freshwater Daphnia associated microbial communities from lake in Southwestern Michigan, USA 2019-05-29
Gs0142395 Silvanigrellales bacterium RF1110005 2019-05-29
Gs0142367 Rumen fluid microbial communities from dairy cows in UC Davis, California, USA 2019-05-23
Gs0142364 Marine sediment microbial communities off the coast of San Francisco, CA, United States 2019-05-23
Gs0142363 Salt marsh sediment microbial communities from Sand Creek Marshes, Rowley, MA, United States 2019-05-23
Gs0142339 Comparative analysis of microorganisms from saline springs in Andes Mountain Range, Colombia 2019-05-20
Gs0142334 Human rhinovirus sequencing 2019-05-17
Gs0142333 Pseudomonas phage sequencing 2019-05-17
Gs0142332 Genomic Characterization of the Brachypodium Polyploid plants 2019-05-17
Gs0142331 Agave tequilana Ate-50-Nuc Standard Draft 2019-05-17
Gs0142326 Freashwater microbial communities from epliminion and hypolimnion of Lake Biwa, Japan 2019-05-15
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