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Gs0136131 Marine sediment microbial community from Mariana trench - LMO 2018-12-16
Gs0136127 Marine sediment microbial community from Mariana trench - LMO 2018-12-14
Gs0136121 Freshwater microbial communities from Lake Mendota, Crystal Bog Lake, and Trout Bog Lake in Wisconsin, United States 2018-12-13
Gs0136120 Soil and biocrust microbial communities from Mojave Desert, California, United States 2018-12-13
Gs0136119 Sludge microbial communities from methane-producing bioreactor in Wageningen University, Netherlands 2018-12-13
Gs0136104 Genome sequencing of single cell organisms from Carbonate chimney in Prony Hydrothermal Field, New Caledonia 2018-12-11
Gs0136103 Genome sequencing of single cell organisms from Baltic Sea Sediments, Denmark 2018-12-11
Gs0136097 Genome sequencing of marine myxobacteria Enhygromyxa salina 2018-12-06
Gs0136096 Vitiosangium sp. GDMCC 1.1324 Genome sequencing 2018-12-06
Gs0136095 Corallococcus sp. H22C18031201 Genome sequencing 2018-12-06
Gs0136094 Genomes of Corallococcus strains isolated from Aberystwtyh and Carmarthen Areas United Kingdom 2018-12-06
Gs0136090 Lab enriched soil microbial communities from farm land in Gulf Coast, Texas, United States 2018-12-05
Gs0136086 Tick host associated microbial communities from Laikipia, Kenya 2018-12-04
Gs0136085 Soil bioretention mesocosm microbial communities from greenhouse in Melbourne, Australia 2018-12-04
Gs0136084 Wastewater anaerobic digestor microbial communities from Denmark 2018-12-04
Gs0136083 Human host-associated microbial communities from HMP-Phase III project, Maryland, USA 2018-12-04
Gs0136082 Freshwater lake sediment microbial communities from Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-04
Gs0136081 Terrestrial soil microbial communities from Bull Pass Station, Antarctica 2018-12-04
Gs0136080 Freshwater sediment microbial communities from South River, Chongqing, China 2018-12-04
Gs0136079 Coral host associated microbial communities from Florida Keys, USA 2018-12-04
Gs0136078 Chicken gut microbial communities from China 2018-12-04
Gs0136077 Anaerobic activated sludge microbial communities from pharmaceutical wastewater in Zhejiang, China 2018-12-04
Gs0136076 Marine microbial communities from stations ALOHA and BATS in Pacific and Atlantic Ocean 2018-12-04
Gs0136075 Human fecal microbial communities from St. Louis, USA 2018-12-04
Gs0136074 Freshwater microbial communities from Chaobai River, China 2018-12-04
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