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Gs0129091 Genome sequencing to study the core and pangenomes of soil and plant-associated prokaryotes 2017-05-22
Gs0129090 Single-cell genome sequencing of abundant and uncultured lineages of bacteria from freshwater lakes in Wisconsin, USA 2017-05-22
Gs0129088 Hydrothermal vent microbial communities from sediments and microbial mats in Southern Trench, Guaymas Basin, Mexico 2017-05-21
Gs0129087 Populus soil microbial communities from riparian zone of different river systems in the western United States 2017-05-21
Gs0129080 Acinetobacter calcoaceticus CA16 2017-05-15
Gs0129077 Single amplified genomes (SAGs) from salt marsh sediments in the Plum Island Ecosystems Long-Term Ecological Research site, Massachusetts, USA 2017-05-15
Gs0129072 Vibrio cholerae-Specific Lytic Bacteriophages from patients in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2017-05-12
Gs0129061 Soil bacterial communites from Shixing, China to study cellulose degradation 2017-05-08
Gs0129060 Serpentinized rock microbial communities from various locations 2017-05-08
Gs0129059 Sediment and parasite egg eukaryotic communities from midden deposits in Greenland 2017-05-08
Gs0129058 Polar freshwater viral communities from Svalbard, Norway 2017-05-08
Gs0129057 Plant host (Utricularia gibba) associated microbial communities from Umecuaro, Mexico 2017-05-08
Gs0129056 Metatranscriptome of microbial communities isolated from the rhizospheres of wheat, oat and pea, compared to unplanted soil 2017-05-08
Gs0129055 Metatranscriptome of marine microbial communities from Baltic Sea 2017-05-08
Gs0129054 Metatranscriptome of human fecal microbial communities from Barcelona, Spain 2017-05-08
Gs0129053 Metatranscriptome of fish liver and arthropod host associated viral communities from China 2017-05-08
Gs0129052 Metatranscriptome of Estuarine river water plankton communitities from Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina 2017-05-08
Gs0129051 Metatranscriptome of Bovine gut microbial communities from Kinsella, Alberta, Canada 2017-05-08
Gs0129050 Metatranscriptome of arctic peat soil microbial communities from Svalbard, Norway 2017-05-08
Gs0129049 Marine sediment microbial communities from Baltic Sea near Denmark and Sweden 2017-05-08
Gs0129048 Marine microbial communities from North Atlantic Ocean - University of Vienna 2017-05-08
Gs0129047 Marine microbial communities from mesoscale eddies in Eastern Mediterranean Sea 2017-05-08
Gs0129046 Marine microbial communities from macroalgal and seagrass species, rocks and surrounding seawater in Sydney, Australia 2017-05-08
Gs0129045 Marine microbial communities from Deepwater Horizon accident site in Gulf of Mexico 2017-05-08
Gs0129044 Marine estuarine sediment microbial communities from Sydney harbor, Australia 2017-05-08
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