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Gs0127492 Pyrococcus chitonophagus DSM 10152 genome sequencing 2017-01-13
Gs0127485 Genome resequencing of evolved Escherichia coli populations to identify the molecular basis of resistance to ionizing radiation 2017-01-12
Gs0127484 Exploring the natural genetic diversity in switchgrass and its associated microbiome 2017-01-12
Gs0127467 Complete genome of Lactobacillus plantarum plantarum TS12 2017-01-04
Gs0127462 Fusibacter sp. 3D3 2017-01-03
Gs0127460 Comparative genomics 2017-01-01
Gs0127456 Genome analysis of a novel iron-oxidizing Zetaproteobacteria, Maristella micogutta ET2 2016-12-27
Gs0127454 Comparative analysis of bacterial genome 2016-12-27
Gs0127445 Complete genome sequence of Streptococcus agalactiae S13 strain 2016-12-23
Gs0127442 Planococcus maritimus SAMP genome sequencing 2016-12-22
Gs0127430 Wastewater microbial communities from bioreactor in tannery plant in Nantong, China 2016-12-21
Gs0127429 Human host-associated microbial communities from fecal samples of mother and infant in Denmark 2016-12-21
Gs0127428 Dairy cheese associated microbial communities from INRA, France 2016-12-21
Gs0127427 Freshwater microbial communities from interstate stormwater runoff and creek storm flow in Knoxville, USA 2016-12-21
Gs0127426 Marine subsurface microbial communities from hydrothermal vents in Axial seamount, Pacific Ocean 2016-12-21
Gs0127425 Host-associated microbial communities from gut and oral samples of Rheumatoid Arthritis patients in China 2016-12-21
Gs0127424 Poultry associated microbial communities from poultry farms in Mississippi and Texas, USA 2016-12-21
Gs0127423 Deep subsurface microbial communities from shale gas basins in Pennsylvania, USA 2016-12-21
Gs0127422 Marine microbial community during cyanobacterial bloom from Baltic Sea, Sweden 2016-12-21
Gs0127421 Forest soil microbial communities from Malaysia and Japan 2016-12-21
Gs0127420 Sewage microbial communities from wastewater treatment plant in Copenhagen, Denmark 2016-12-21
Gs0127419 Marine microbial communities from Sargasso Sea - University of Southern California 2016-12-21
Gs0127418 Host-associated microbial communities from pig feces in France, Denmark and China 2016-12-21
Gs0127417 Sewage microbial communities from wastewater treatment plant in Sweden 2016-12-21
Gs0127416 Bioreactor sludge microbial communities from wastewater treatment plant in Beijing, China 2016-12-21
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