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Gs0149396 Freshwater microbial communities from rivers from various locations all over the world 2020-08-07
Gs0149395 Sediment microbial communities from sulfidic stream in Frasassi Caves, Marche, Italy 2020-08-07
Gs0149393 Genome sequencing of VIM-1 producing Citrobacter freundii isolate 2020-08-06
Gs0149392 Genome sequencing of Acinetobacter baumannii isolate selected from The Multidrug Resistant Organism Repository and Surveillance Network (MRSN) collection. 2020-08-06
Gs0149391 Pseudomonas monteilii 170620603RE Genome sequencing 2020-08-06
Gs0149390 Genome sequencing of Carbapenem-non-susceptible P. aeruginosa (CNPA) strain 2020-08-06
Gs0149389 Aeromonas caviae WCW1-2 genome sequencing 2020-08-06
Gs0149388 Emergence of NDM-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli in Spain: phylogeny, resistome, virulence and plasmids (mobile genetic elements) encoding blaNDM-like genes as determined by WGS. 2020-08-06
Gs0149384 Deep-sea coral associated microbial communities from Gulf of Mexico, USA 2020-08-04
Gs0149375 Draft Genome Sequences of Five Environmental Bacterial Isolates 2020-07-31
Gs0149373 Mollusc gills microbial communities from cold-seep, northern Gulf of Mexico, USA 2020-07-30
Gs0149372 Mollusc gills microbial communities from various hydrothermal vent in Atlantic Ocean 2020-07-30
Gs0149370 Simulated microbial communities of Trichodesmium and heterotrophic bacteria from Gulf of Aqaba, Eilat, Israel 2020-07-29
Gs0149369 Sediment microbial communities from hot springs in Yellowstone Nat. Park, Wyoming, USA 2020-07-29
Gs0149361 Hydrogenispora sp. UU3S1-1 Genome sequencing 2020-07-27
Gs0149357 Soil microbial communities from subalpine grassland in Crested Butte, Colorado, United States 2020-07-24
Gs0149342 Complete genome of Methanolobus zinderi DSM 21339 2020-07-16
Gs0149341 Draft genome of Methanofollis tationis DSM 2702 2020-07-16
Gs0149339 PET project Bacillus species genomes 2020-07-15
Gs0149331 Bacterial Consortium Driven PET Biodegradation 2020-07-14
Gs0149328 Charting the complexity of the marine microbiome through single cell genomics 2020-07-09
Gs0149326 Anaerobic fungi associated microbial communities from UC Santa Barbara, California, USA 2020-07-09
Gs0149322 Aurantimonas aggregata KCTC 52919 genome sequencing 2020-07-06
Gs0149321 Sequencing genomes of marine bacterial isolates with potential fucoidan-modifying activities 2020-07-06
Gs0149320 Methylacidimicrobium tartarophylax 4A genome sequencing 2020-07-06
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