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Gs0141981 Resequencing of Novosphingobium aromaticivorans 2019-03-15
Gs0141980 Gene expression patterns and associated cis-regulatory sequences in fungal model organisms 2019-03-15
Gs0141979 Mechanisms of co-evolutionary adaptation of soil microbes 2019-03-15
Gs0141967 Metallosphaera tengchongensis Ric-A 2019-03-09
Gs0141965 Seawater and sediment microbial communities from various locations 2019-03-08
Gs0141964 Sediment microbial communities from coastal wetland in Texas, United States 2019-03-08
Gs0141963 Soil microbial communities from SRUC Craibstone Estate, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom 2019-03-08
Gs0141952 Genome sequencing of sorghum Ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS) mutant lines 2019-03-04
Gs0141951 Epigenetic regulation of anaerobic fungi for increased lignocellulose degradation 2019-03-04
Gs0141950 Transcriptome sequencing to study the molecular mechanisms underlying trophic strategy versatility in parasitic chytrids 2019-03-04
Gs0141949 Gene expression of Rhodopseudomonas palustris strains that confer ability for degradation of syringic acid 2019-03-04
Gs0141946 Human host-associated microbial communities from pregnant subjects in Stanford University, California, USA 2019-02-28
Gs0141945 Seawater microbial communities from Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Alicante, Spain 2019-02-28
Gs0141944 Seawater microbial communities from various Trenches in Pacific Ocean 2019-02-28
Gs0141943 Sediment microbial communities from Keri Lake, Zakynthos Island, Greece 2019-02-28
Gs0141942 Plant rhizosphere soil microbial communities from Florida, USA 2019-02-28
Gs0141941 Human fecal microbial communities from Boston, USA 2019-02-28
Gs0141940 Pacific oyster feces microbial communities from the Wrigley Marine Sciences Center (WMSC), Catalina Island, CA, USA 2019-02-28
Gs0141939 Feces microbial communities from chiken, pig and cattle in Beijing, China 2019-02-28
Gs0141938 Sea star tissue microbial communities from various locations 2019-02-28
Gs0141937 Sea star tissue viral communities from various locations 2019-02-28
Gs0141936 Wastewater microbial communities from WWTPs near Charlotte, North Carolina, United States 2019-02-28
Gs0141935 Human feces microbial communities from Hvidovre Hospital, Hvidovre, Denmark 2019-02-28
Gs0141934 Saline water and sediment microbial communities from Lagunita Pond at Cuatro Cienegas Basin, Mexico 2019-02-28
Gs0141933 Cow dung microbial communities from temperate grasslend in Canberra, Australia 2019-02-28
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