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Gs0145001 Metatranscriptome of outdoor air microbial communities from various locations 2019-12-11
Gs0145000 Fecal microbial communities from patient with HFMD in Zhejiang Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, China 2019-12-11
Gs0144999 Modified sludge microbial community from San Ginesio, Italy 2019-12-11
Gs0144998 Human skin microbial community from Los Angeles, California, USA 2019-12-11
Gs0144997 Seawater microbial community from North Sea, Germany 2019-12-11
Gs0144996 Seawater microbial communities from coral lagoon in Noumea, New Caledonia 2019-12-11
Gs0144995 Seawater microbial communities from Pacific Ocean 2019-12-11
Gs0144994 Cheese microbial communities from French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France 2019-12-11
Gs0144993 Seawater microbial community from Narragansett Bay, RI, USA 2019-12-11
Gs0144992 Fecal microbial communities from Penn State Medical Center, United States 2019-12-11
Gs0144991 Paddy soil microbial community from Vercelli, Italy 2019-12-11
Gs0144990 Saliva microbial communities from UCLA School of Dentistry, United States 2019-12-11
Gs0144989 Saliva microbial communities from Copenhagen University School of Dentistry, Denmark 2019-12-11
Gs0144988 Fecal microbial communities from Kunming University of Science and Technology, China 2019-12-11
Gs0144987 Carrot root viral communities from The Food and Environment Research Agency, York, UK 2019-12-11
Gs0144986 Rhizosphere soil microbial community from Yunnan, China 2019-12-11
Gs0144985 Ocean microbial community from Golfo Dulce Oxygen minimum zone, Costa Rica 2019-12-11
Gs0144984 Leaf litter microbial communities from beech tree in Vienna Woods, Austria 2019-12-11
Gs0144983 Seawater microbial communities from Osaka Bay, Japan 2019-12-11
Gs0144982 Rhizosphere microbial community from New Mexico, USA 2019-12-11
Gs0144981 Oak bark microbial communities from Forest Research, Alton, United Kingdom 2019-12-11
Gs0144980 Marine sediment microbial community from Greece 2019-12-11
Gs0144979 River sediment and digester sludge microbial community from China and Singapore 2019-12-11
Gs0144978 Sponge microbial community from Bare Island, Australia 2019-12-11
Gs0144977 Leaf-eating flying squirrel cecal microbial community from Alishan National Scenic Area, Taiwan 2019-12-11
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