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Gs0129154 Tumebacillus sp. AR23208 complete genome 2017-06-14
Gs0129153 Oceanisphaera profunda SM1222 complete genome 2017-06-14
Gs0129152 Oceanisphaera sp. AMac2203 complete genome 2017-06-14
Gs0129150 Redefining the invertebrate RNA virosphere 2017-06-13
Gs0129147 Freshwater microbial communities from Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania 2017-06-09
Gs0129142 Metatranscriptomic analysis of symbiotic interactions between a variety of photobionts, fungi, and bacterial endosymbionts 2017-06-08
Gs0129141 Anoxic zone freshwater microbial communities from boreal shield lakes in IISD Experimental Lakes Area, Ontario, Canada 2017-06-08
Gs0129138 Transcriptome of Ruminiclostridium thermocellum evolved strain to gain insights in pH homeostasis 2017-06-08
Gs0129137 Genome sequencing to study the photosynthetic diversity of cryptophyte algae 2017-06-08
Gs0129135 Comparative genomics and expression profiling of snow algae Chlamydomonas cribrum and Chloromonas nivalis 2017-06-08
Gs0129133 Genome sequencing of a multi-drug resistance strain of Escherichia coli 81009 2017-06-08
Gs0129132 Genome sequnecing to address fundamental questions about secondary metabolites and their potential function as extracellular electron shuttles (EESs) 2017-06-08
Gs0129125 Mannheimia haemolytica LO2A 2017-06-06
Gs0129124 Corynebacterium diphtheriae WD46 2017-06-06
Gs0129122 Metatranscriptome of marine microbial communities from deep sea water colum in Eastern Mediterranean Sea 2017-06-05
Gs0129121 Metatranscriptome of marine microbial communities from upper and lower halo cline of Thetis Basin, Eastern Mediterranean Sea 2017-06-05
Gs0129103 Fungal-interactive Paraburkholderia terrae 2017-05-26
Gs0129091 Genome sequencing to study the core and pangenomes of soil and plant-associated prokaryotes 2017-05-22
Gs0129090 Single-cell genome sequencing of abundant and uncultured lineages of bacteria from freshwater lakes in Wisconsin, USA 2017-05-22
Gs0129088 Hydrothermal vent microbial communities from sediments and microbial mats in Southern Trench, Guaymas Basin, Mexico 2017-05-21
Gs0129087 Populus soil microbial communities from riparian zone of different river systems in the western United States 2017-05-21
Gs0129084 Bacillus velezensis 9D-6 2017-05-19
Gs0129080 Acinetobacter calcoaceticus CA16 2017-05-15
Gs0129077 Single amplified genomes (SAGs) from salt marsh sediments in the Plum Island Ecosystems Long-Term Ecological Research site, Massachusetts, USA 2017-05-15
Gs0129072 Vibrio cholerae-Specific Lytic Bacteriophages from patients in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2017-05-12
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