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Gs0128871 Genome analysis of Clostridium difficile BR81 strain 2017-03-22
Gs0128850 Lab enrichment of tropical soil microbial communities from Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico 2017-03-17
Gs0128849 Permafrost microbial communities from Stordalen Mire, Sweden 2017-03-17
Gs0128848 Sorghum-associated microbial communities from plants grown in Nebraska, USA 2017-03-17
Gs0128817 Coastal salt marsh microbial communities from the Groves Creek Marsh, Skidaway Island, Georgia 2017-03-10
Gs0128814 Polaribacter reichenbachii Genome sequencing and assembly 2017-03-09
Gs0128809 Genome sequencing and assembly of Tessaracoccus flavescens SST-39 2017-03-08
Gs0128807 Genome sequencing and assembly of Vagococcus penaei CD276 2017-03-08
Gs0128806 Genome sequencing and assembly of Vagococcus sp. D7T301 2017-03-08
Gs0128804 Genome sequencing and assembly of Tessaracoccus flavus RP1T 2017-03-08
Gs0128803 Complete genome of Jeotgalibaca dankookensis EX-07 2017-03-08
Gs0128802 Genome sequencing and assembly of Tessaracoccus sp. NSG39T 2017-03-08
Gs0128800 Complete genome of Jeotgalibaca sp. PTS2502 2017-03-08
Gs0128798 Understanding the Ectomycorrhizal symbiosis between Suillus and Pinaceae 2017-03-07
Gs0128796 Genome sequencing of shrub willow pathogen Melampsora americana 2017-03-07
Gs0128795 A genome atlas of the ectomycorrhizal symbiotic fungi Suillus 2017-03-07
Gs0128794 System-level temporal dynamics of microbial interactions in a synthetic bacterial community 2017-03-07
Gs0128792 Systems level insights into methane cycling in arid and semi-arid ecosystems 2017-03-07
Gs0128791 Genomic survey of white-rot, wood-decaying shiitake mushrooms 2017-03-07
Gs0128789 Genome sequencing and assembly for Polaribacter aureus type strain Polaribacter sp. BM10 2017-03-07
Gs0128782 Brachyspira hampsonii bv. I NSH-16 complete genome 2017-03-03
Gs0128781 Chrysochromulina tobin associated microbial communities from unialgal haptophyte culture in Seattle, Washington, USA 2017-03-03
Gs0128780 Hypersaline lake sediment archaeal communities from the Salton Sea, California, USA 2017-03-03
Gs0128779 Complete genome sequence of Vibrio campbellii LMB 29 isolated from red drum with four native megaplasmids 2017-03-03
Gs0128773 Comprehensive metagenome and single cell genome sequencing from the open ocean community of North Pacfic Subtropical Gyre, Station ALOHA 2017-03-02
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