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IMG/ER iconIMG Expert Review (IMG/ER) provides support to individual scientists or groups of scientists for functional annotation and curation of microbial genomes of interest, usually prior to their release to Genbank.


IMG/MER iconIntegrated Microbial Genomes with Microbiome Samples - Expert Review (IMG/MER) system provides support to individual scientists or group of scientists for annotation, analysis, and review of their microbial community metagenome datasets.

IMG - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where can I submit my sequence data?
    A: - If you have generated microbial genome or metagenome sequences, and you would like to perform a comparative analysis with other genomes and metagenomes or manually curate them, you can submit your sequences for integration into the IMG/M ERsystems respectively (ER standing for Expert Review).
  • Q: Are my data kept private when I am submitting to IMG-ER ?
    A: - Yes, access to the -ER systems are password protected, so only you can access the data you have submitted.
  • Q: Where do I go to submit my data to the -ER systems?
    A: -First, you have to request an account from: Once you have an account you can access the above url and submit your data. For a detailed tutorial on the submission process and on the ER systems, please download the Submission User Guide
  • Q: Do I submit only annotated genomes or can I submit un-annotated ones as well?
    A: -You can submit both annotated datasets or un-annotated sequences. In the latter case you will select the automatic annotation pipeline of IMG (for isolate genomes or metagenomes) to be applied to your sequences.
  • Q: Can I submit my project for integration into IMG without having it in GOLD?
    A: -No, in order to have your project submitted in IMG, you must first have your project defined in GOLD. For that, you must fill-in the appropriate file, from the above links (either for genome or metagenome project)