SRA Experiment Id SRX007024  (Link to NCBI )
Experiment Title
SRA Study
SRA Study Id SRP000962  (Link to NCBI )
Study Title Giant panda genome sequencing project
SRA Sample
SRA Sample Id SRS004381  (Link to NCBI )
Sample Title Jingjing, a 3-year old female panda
NCBI Biosample Id SAMN00008160
Sample Description We sequenced a 3-year old female panda named Jingjing, who came from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and was chosen as the model of 2008 Olympic Mascot. The captive breeding of pandas follows principles meant to maintain genetic polymorphism, so it is difficult to find a homozygous panda because mating of close relatives is not allowed. The genetic background of Jingjing’s father comes solely from pandas in the Liangshan Mountain, and Jingjing’s mother’s genetic background has half from pandas in the Liangshan Mountain and half from the Minshan Mountain. Liangshan and Minshan are the two major locations of wild giant pandas. So Jingjing is a relatively good candidate for sequencing.
Scientific Name Ailuropoda melanoleuca
NCBI Taxonomy Id 9646
SRA Run Id SRR019923  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 9365987
SRA Run Bases 824206856
SRA Run Size 393222780
SRA Run Id SRR019922  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 9864953
SRA Run Bases 868115864
SRA Run Size 455545697
SRA Run Id SRR019914  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 8647876
SRA Run Bases 605351320
SRA Run Size 436357842
SRA Run Id SRR019913  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 8613026
SRA Run Bases 602911820
SRA Run Size 441465590
SRA Run Id SRR019921  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 10105037
SRA Run Bases 889243256
SRA Run Size 446931126
SRA Run Id SRR019920  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 10139168
SRA Run Bases 892246784
SRA Run Size 453480509
SRA Run Id SRR019919  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 10405406
SRA Run Bases 915675728
SRA Run Size 502981498
SRA Run Id SRR019916  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 12054387
SRA Run Bases 843807090
SRA Run Size 592767351
SRA Run Id SRR019915  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 12286494
SRA Run Bases 860054580
SRA Run Size 610927400
SRA Run Id SRR019918  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 10357473
SRA Run Bases 911457624
SRA Run Size 516033450
SRA Run Id SRR019917  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 12258200
SRA Run Bases 1078721600
SRA Run Size 927813943
Library Name PAfwDADSAAPE
Exp Library Strategy WGS
Library Source GENOMIC
Library Selection RANDOM
Library Layout PAIRED