GOLD Biosample ID Gb0051036
Biosample Name Human fecal microbial communities J. Craig Venter Institute, Maryland, USA - Subject 7
Other Names
Habitat (MIGS-6) Human fecal
Community microbial communities
Location from the State University of New York at Buffalo, New York, USA
Identifier of three healthy adults
Add Date 2008-02-02
Last Modified By Tatiparthi Reddy on 2016-08-26
Biosample Description fecal specimen of healthy human, age 28, female
Biosample Information
Biosample Information Visibility Public
Ecosystem Host-associated
Ecosystem Category Human
Ecosystem Type Digestive system
Ecosystem Subtype Large intestine
Specific Ecosystem Fecal
Number of Studies 1
Number of Seq Projects 1
Number of Analysis Projects 1
Number of Related Biosamples 1
Sample Collection Site (MIGS-13) J. Craig Venter Institute, Rockville, Maryland, USA
Sample Collection Date (MIGS-5) 9/1/2003
Sample Collection Publication
Sample Isolation Comments Fecal specimen from 28 year old healthy female
Sample Isolation Country USA
Sample Collection Method
Added By Nikos Kyrpides on 2008-02-02
Sample Contact Name Steven R. Gill
Sample Contact Email
Geographic Location (MIGS-4) J. Craig Venter Institute, Rockville, Maryland, USA
Latitude (MIGS-4.1) 39.134321
Longitude (MIGS-4.2) -77.181702
Geographical Map
LatLong Information Inferred
Altitude (MIGS-4.4)

From: Meters. To: Meters.
Depth (MIGS-4.3)

From: Meters. To: Meters.
Subsurface Depth (m)
Sample Collection Temperature
Salinity (MIGS-6.3)
Chlorophyll Concentration
Nitrate Concentration
Oxygen Concentration
Salinity Concentration
Habitat  Human fecal
Growth Conditions
Isolation Host Name Homo sapiens
Host Taxonomy ID
Host Gender Female
Host Race
Host Age 28
Host Health Condition Healthy
Patient Visit Number
Host Medication
Medical Record Number
Host Body Site Gastrointestinal tract
Host Body Subsite Intestinal tract
Host Body Product Stool
Host Specificity or Range
Host Comments



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