GOLD Biosample ID Gb0191881
Biosample Name Lab enriched biofilm microbial communities from the Montreal Biodome aquarium denitrification system, Montreal, Canada - Low salt
Other Names Bio0%
Habitat (MIGS-6) Biofilm
Community Microbial
Location Montreal Biodome seawater aquarium, Montreal, Canada
Identifier Low salt
Add Date 2018-06-26
Last Modified By Galina Ovchinnikova on 2018-07-20
Biosample Description Methylotrophic denitrifying biofilm cultures cultivated in artificial seawater medium with methanol for 5 weeks under anoxic conditions at 23°C with 21.4 mM nitrate in marine medium with 0% NaCl
Biosample Information
Biosample Information Visibility Public
Ecosystem Engineered
Ecosystem Category Lab enrichment
Ecosystem Type Defined media
Ecosystem Subtype Anaerobic media
Specific Ecosystem Unclassified
Number of Studies 1
Number of Seq Projects 1
Number of Analysis Projects 1
Number of Related Biosamples 2
Sample Collection Site (MIGS-13) Biofilm originated from the denitrification system of the Montreal Biodome that treated seawater aquarium.
Sample Collection Date (MIGS-5)
Sample Collection Publication
Sample Isolation Comments The biofilm was preserved in glycerol before laboratory cultures
Sample Isolation Country Canada
Sample Collection Method Biofilm cultured under anoxic conditions for 5 weeks at 23°C, 21.4 mM nitrate on Bioflow carriers. Each week, the carriers were transferred in fresh medium
Added By Richard Villemur on 2018-06-26
Sample Contact Name Richard Villemur
Sample Contact Email
Geographic Location (MIGS-4) Montreal, Canada
Latitude (MIGS-4.1) 45.5596
Longitude (MIGS-4.2) -73.5497
Geographical Map
LatLong Information Inferred
Altitude  (meter)  (MIGS-4.4)

From: Meters. To: Meters.

From: Meters. To: Meters.
Depth (MIGS-4.3)

From: Meters. To: Meters.
Subsurface Depth (m)
Sample Collection Temperature 23°C
Salinity (MIGS-6.3) Halophile
pH 8
Chlorophyll Concentration
Nitrate Concentration
Oxygen Concentration
Salinity Concentration
Methane Concentration (mmol)
Habitat  Biofilm
Bicarbonate Concentration (mM)
Soluble Iron Concentration (uM)
Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration (mM)
Hydrogen Sulfide Presence
Oxygen Presence
Growth Conditions



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