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Study Name: Ulvibacter sp. SCB49




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GOLD Study ID Gs0034277
Study Name Ulvibacter sp. SCB49
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Added By Nikos Kyrpides on 2007-11-27
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Description In the first call we were allowed to provide quite a number of bacteria which in the sense of fairness to other scientists perhaps should exclude us from having more isolates sequenced. However since we possess a large collection of isolates we feel that we should suggest isolates that correspond to the intention of the call i.e. physiologically diverse prokaryotes that we feel may carry novel information. Some of our isolates indeed show very low similarity to already sequenced 16S rRNA genes and may thus represent novel lineages.

In an effort to understand the nitrogen cycle of the Baltic Sea we have investigated the occurrence of nitrogen fixing heterotrophic bacteria and have a few isolates that we believe represent biogeochemically active bacterioplankton. Carbohydrate scavenging and high levels of respiration appear to be the key to their functioning in the role of nitrogen fixers.
Relevance Marine Microbial Initiative (MMI)
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