SRA Experiment Id SRX3468266  (Link to NCBI )
Experiment Title Genome sequence of Coxiella endosymbiont of Rhipicephalus microplus
SRA Study
SRA Study Id SRP126421  (Link to NCBI )
Study Title Coxiella endosymbiont of Rhipicephalus microplus strain:CLE-RmD Assembly
SRA Sample
SRA Sample Id SRS2747917  (Link to NCBI )
Sample Title Coxiella endosymbiont CLE-Rm of Rhipicephalus microplus Deutsch strain
NCBI Biosample Id SAMN08152909
Sample Description The three runs of Illumina HiSeq-1000 (accession SRX1668952, SRX1668960 and SRX1668961) sequencing reads that were generated from low cot and Cot 696 genomic DNA extracted from pooled collection of eggs from the f7, f10, f11 and f12 generation of the Rhipicephalus microplus Deutsch strain, along with the two runs of 454 GS FLX (accession SRX019998 and SRX019999) sequencing reads from the same Deutsch strain were used for assembling our partial Coxiella-like endosymbiont (CLE-Rm) genome. The raw sequence reads of R. microplus generated from Illumina and 454 sequencing platforms by Centre for Comparative Genomics, Murdoch University, Australia were submitted to SRA/NCBI as BioProjects with accessions PRJNA312025 (Biosample# SAMN04492774; WGS# LYUQ00000000) for illumina HiSeq-1000 reads, and, PRJNA46685 (Biosample# SAMN02953771; WGS# ADMZ00000000) for 454 GS FLX reads. Assembly of the Coxiella-like endosymbiont genome (partial) derived from the aforementioned existing publicly available SRA metagenomics sequence data.
Scientific Name Coxiella endosymbiont of Rhipicephalus microplus
NCBI Taxonomy Id 1656186
SRA Run Id SRR6373419  (Link to NCBI )
SRA Run Spots 1524099
SRA Run Bases 284729920
SRA Run Size 171905525
Library Name SRX52-60-61-98-99
Library Instrument ILLUMINA_HI_SEQ_1000
Exp Library Strategy WGS
Library Source GENOMIC
Library Selection RANDOM
Library Layout SINGLE